Hurricane Gonzalo: as it happened –

With the cold season coming, it is important to understand the different ways of remaining safe through winter. I found this article very helpful which is why I am sharing it for you. It certainly helped me have a better understanding of what I could do to stay safe while the cold season is upon us. I fully recommend you take a look at this article. I found it very interesting and has helped me understand how important different winter products are to help us stay safe through the cold season!

Belfast TelegraphHurricane Gonzalo: as it is not yet clear whether weather contributed to the accident. 17:00: A neighbour living near to where the woman died in Knightsbridge has reported seeing the tree which killed her hangning damaged 90 minutes before it fell on her. Retired record …Weather warning: Tail end of Hurricane Gonzalo set to buffet Northern IrelandBelfast TelegraphWeather warning in place for P…Hurricane Gonzalo: as it happened –

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